Free Kindle Book: “Goodbye Miami”

goodbye-miami-coverOn March 6th and 7th, Goodbye Miami: Tales Of An American Climate Refugee will be available for free on Kindle!

Kass, an American climate refugee, flees Miami in the wake of a hurricane that leaves most of the city underwater. After moving in with her cousin in Southern Illinois, Kass struggles to deal with her displacement. She hopes to find a way to return to the city that she loves. But thanks to global warming, that city is now underwater. What starts as a search for survival quickly evolves into a struggle for the future of Miami — and the world.

Goodbye Miami is the latest work of climate fiction (“cli-fi”) by Treesong, an author, community organizer, and talk radio host living in Southern Illinois. Treesong has also written a cli-fi novel called Change and several other works of short fiction and nonfiction. He is currently working on a sidequel to Change called Order and a series of cli-fi and other short stories.

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Review Copies: Booksellers and reviewers may contact us to receive a free ebook copy of Goodbye Miami. Please include the name of your bookstore or the magazine, blog, etc. where you will be submitting your review.

Interviews: The author, Treesong, is available for interviews. For more information, email or call 618-525-0625.