Treesong on Patreon


Treesong, author of Change and Goodbye Miami, has launched a new and improved Patreon campaign. Patreon is a way for people to support their favorite authors and other creative artists while receiving special rewards in return.

Treesong’s new Patreon campaign features several unique rewards for patrons. For $1 per month, you’ll receive one or more new poems that are currently only available on Patreon. For $2 per month, you’ll receive a chapter per month from one of the two novels that Treesong is currently writing. You can also receive a free short story by signing up for Treesong’s newsletter. Other rewards and benefits will become available as Treesong reaches new goals on Patreon.

10% or more of Treesong’s income from writing and other creative projects is donated to Treesong’s Causes, with an emphasis on climate justice and projects in his home region of Southern Illinois.