All The Climate Feels

Climate change brings up a wide range of emotions. All The Climate Feels is a poetic exploration of the climate crisis, climate justice, and how it feels to be alive in times of profound change.

Treesong’s climate change poetry draws on his experiences as a father, husband, author, talk radio host, climate communicator, and Real-Life Superhero. All poems are free verse with style influenced by a combination of literary poets and the spoken word stylings of the Southern Illinois poetry scene. Tone within and among the poems varies widely, exploring feelings of utter despair, ecstatic inspiration, righteous indignation, somber reflection, moments of humor, and beyond.

This poetry collection helps the reader explore their “climate feels” and reflect on the role of the climate crisis in their lives and the world beyond their doorstep.

All The Climate Feels Release Date

All The Climate Feels is due to be released on March 20, 2023. Preorder from online booksellers using the Universal Book Link for All The Climate Feels.

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Read Climate Poetry Now

Are you looking for climate poetry to read while you wait for All The Climate Feels? Check out the Climate Poetry section of Treesong’s Climate Resource Center. This page includes links to climate poetry by multiple authors, including some of the poems that will appear in All The Climate Feels.